The Future Ready Framework


An Introduction to the Framework

Technology now enables personalized digital learning for every student in the nation. The Future Ready District Pledge, according to the U.S. Department of Education, is designed to set out a roadmap to achieve that success and to commit districts to move as quickly as possible towards a shared vision of preparing students for success in college, careers and citizenship. This roadmap can only be accomplished through a systemic approach to change, as outlined in the graphic below. With student learning at the center, a district must align each of the seven (7) key categories, or gears, in order to advance toward successful digital learning.

The 7 Gears are as follows:

  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • Use of Time
  • Technology, Networks, and Hardware
  • Data and Privacy
  • Community Partnerships
  • Professional Learning
  • Budget and Resources

The outside rings in the figure emphasize the importance of empowered leadership and the cycle of transformation where districts vision, plan, implement and assess continually. Once a district is strategically staged in each gear, district leaders can be confident that they are ready for a highly successful implementation phase that leads to innovation through digital learning.

Click through the Gears on the left to become familiar with the framework topics, and review the aligned resources for each Gear.


Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

In a Future Ready district, curriculum, instruction, and assessment are tightly aligned, redesigned to engage students in 21st Century, personalized, technology-enabled, deeper learning.

Use of Space and Time Use of Space and Time

Personalized learning requires changes in the way instructional time is used and the learning space is designed.

Robust Infrastructure Robust Infrastructure

When employed as part of a comprehensive educational strategy, the effective use of technology provides tools, resources, data, and supportive systems that increase teaching opportunities and promote efficiency.

Data and Privacy Data and Privacy

Data privacy and security are foundational elements of digital learning.

Community Partnerships Community Partnerships

Community partnerships include the formal and informal local and global community connections, collaborative projects, and relationships that advance the school’s learning goals.

Personalized Professional Learning Personalized Professional Learning

In Future Ready Schools, technology and digital learning expand access to high-quality, ongoing, job-embedded opportunities for professional learning for teachers, administrators, and other education professionals.

Budget and Resources Budget and Resources

The transition to digital learning will require strategic short-term and long-term budgeting and leveraging of resources.

Collaborative Leadership Collaborative Leadership

The Future Ready framework provides a roadmap toward digital learning, success within a district is dependent on innovative leadership at all levels.

Click to view District Leadership Assessment survey.

The next step is to create a district leadership team and think through what other teams you may want associated with your district profile to collaborate, gather input, and track your progress over time.